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Soronya's News

Posted by Soronya - September 28th, 2013

Hey everybody!

I decided to leave Newgrounds and upload all my art at Deviantart, 'cause I guess Newgrounds is more of a game-/flashportal than a place where to upload art.
And as long as it's impossible to delete this account, I'll use it for promo :D So if you want to follow me and see more art, please visit http://wyrdafell.deviantart.com/
Thank you!

Yours, sincerely,

Posted by Soronya - February 17th, 2012

Actually, there's nothing I can talk or write about.
I'm busy at the moment, so I cannot draw much.
Yours, sincerely,

Posted by Soronya - October 23rd, 2011

He Guys!
Now it's October and it's starting to become cold again... The last week I've been to Shanghai in China and had a great Time... So many new impressions. Amazing!
Now, where I am back, I can upload a few new pics I made. Leave a comment, if you like to.
Yours, sincerely,

Back from Shanghai!

Posted by Soronya - August 30th, 2011

Fall begins. I miss the summer, it became cold here in Germany. Sunny time is over and I've got to wait a very long time to get back to the place I miss. The photo shows it. The Village is in the north of germany, at the baltic sea. Such a beautiful place... Well well, Enjoy the last rays of sunlight. Hope you'll like my upcoming artworks :)
Yours, sincerely, Soronya

Summer's over

Posted by Soronya - May 1st, 2011

Hey Guys :)

Well, I think it's kinda time for a new Post, even though I don't really know, what to write :D
I think, I gotta go "back to my basics", drawing with my good old pencil, saying good-bye to the PC-drawings, but only temporary. I plan to buy a graphic tablet and I hope I'm able to realize it... But now it's time to try oil, canvas and brushes - You'll probably see the results in a few weeks :3

Yours, sincerely,
Soronya (=

Back to basics vs. trying something new

Posted by Soronya - February 3rd, 2011

Well, Yeah, I'm still alive, even though I haven't posted something for month'.
But now I'm back, with more or less pieces of art I want to present.
The last weeks I was working on a really big project I still haven't finish. It really took (and still takes) half of my lifetime. No kidding :D :D And I know, I'll never do something like this again, even though I really like the "result" (How I said, it's not completely finished yet :D)
But I'll give you a preview and some other artworks.
Hope you like it.
I wish you a very nice "year of the rabbit" ('cause I forgot to wish you a Happy New Year at 01/01) and take care :)
Yours, sincerely,

Hello again!

Posted by Soronya - December 13th, 2010

... is so wonderful.
I just passed my practical driver's licence and even the day is grey, cold and rainy, I see the sun shining for me. Gorgeous. I didn't go to school today, only went to the test and now I'm home again. I think in the next days I'll try to draw some new pictures I can upload. Last days were stressfull and I got no time and no ideas... But now I'm back, and I'm lucky, forget about my depressions :D I could hug the world at the moment, still cannot believe I've passed!

Yours, sincerely,

This day...

Posted by Soronya - September 20th, 2010

Let me sleep; don't wake me up, yet. The winter is going to come. Leaves are brown, air is cold, Let me sleep, don't wake me up. You can't stop the time, but please, let me sleep, don't wake me up; let me in my dreams, till the summer comes up again...

Time goes by so slowly, I want to pre-turn the time, like every year. Don't want the autumn, don't want the winter. I want to sleep till spring, till summer.
Pictures become dark and sad... A thunderstorm above my head... And a candle in the wind... Magic of the moment is missing... However... Time goes by. Slowly. But it goes by.

Otherwise, enjoy the new pics, if you like to. Leave comments, if you like to. Rate, if you like to. It doesn't matter. Cause nothing really matters.

Yours, sincerely,


Posted by Soronya - August 3rd, 2010

Long ago... I uploadet my last artwork... Now it's time to start again.
I had wonderful holidays, sunshine, hot temperatures, and the ocean directly in front of my house. Well, not directly... But I just had to walk 700 meters to the beach. wonderful *__*
The pic shows the beach of "Dahme", the village, where I spent my holidays... It's just wonderful...
I hope, you enjoyed June und July. Now I'm back. :)

Yours, sincerely,
Soronya ~

After All...

Posted by Soronya - June 1st, 2010

Hey Ho everyone!

I think, it's time for a new Post... I didn't have anything new, I'm very sorry, but I'm totally stressed because of school and driving school. But I promise, there'll be something new in time... I just need new Ideas ;)
In a few weeks, there'll be summer holidays here, and I'll be away for 5 weeks... *YEEHAA* Then I've got very much time to make new artworks, but I can't upload them there... So, have patience ;)

Enjoy the june,

Soronya :)