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Hello again!

2011-02-03 11:25:17 by Soronya

Well, Yeah, I'm still alive, even though I haven't posted something for month'.
But now I'm back, with more or less pieces of art I want to present.
The last weeks I was working on a really big project I still haven't finish. It really took (and still takes) half of my lifetime. No kidding :D :D And I know, I'll never do something like this again, even though I really like the "result" (How I said, it's not completely finished yet :D)
But I'll give you a preview and some other artworks.
Hope you like it.
I wish you a very nice "year of the rabbit" ('cause I forgot to wish you a Happy New Year at 01/01) and take care :)
Yours, sincerely,

Hello again!


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2011-02-04 16:32:10

you are so talented!