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2010-09-20 12:38:54 by Soronya

Let me sleep; don't wake me up, yet. The winter is going to come. Leaves are brown, air is cold, Let me sleep, don't wake me up. You can't stop the time, but please, let me sleep, don't wake me up; let me in my dreams, till the summer comes up again...

Time goes by so slowly, I want to pre-turn the time, like every year. Don't want the autumn, don't want the winter. I want to sleep till spring, till summer.
Pictures become dark and sad... A thunderstorm above my head... And a candle in the wind... Magic of the moment is missing... However... Time goes by. Slowly. But it goes by.

Otherwise, enjoy the new pics, if you like to. Leave comments, if you like to. Rate, if you like to. It doesn't matter. Cause nothing really matters.

Yours, sincerely,



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2010-09-20 14:07:29